Water Softeners Installation in Essex

Boiler Image for SIteOur water softening services involve removing calcium and magnesium from the water at the point that it enters your home. These are the minerals that cause hard water and cause scaling, resistance to soap and unsightly problems to your appliances.

Water conditioners result in similar benefits but require a different method, this method involves making the hard water causing minerals to lose their ability to form scale rather than removing them. However, this is slightly less effective due to the fact that the minerals still remain in the water rather than having been eliminated. Although, there is another benefit with conditioners that water softeners don’t. This is that they do not add sodium to the water as softeners do, which can be undesired, especially for those on a salt restricted diet.


What our services provide:

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Reduced irritation of skin problems
  • Remove white film and limescale from your shower heads, taps, glassware, sinks
  • Improve the efficiency of your washing machine and immersion heater and give them longer lives








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